Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase product from your company?

All Eliton products can be ordered through our quote tab on our website. Once we know the specifics of your order, we can give an accurate price which includes our decoration services.

How can I obtain a sample of your product?

If you wish to order a sample product please let us know in the quote section of our website. There will be a payment required for the single garment/item which can be amended once a bulk order is processed.

How do I return a product that is out of spec or has a quality issue?

We ensure that all Eliton products will be delivered at the highest standard and quality. To eliminate risk, at each stage of your garments decoration process we will send through references & wait for your approval before the full decoration service begins.

Does Eliton Products help with graphic design?

Yes! We have an in house graphic design team that can help with any element of your creative process. Our mission is to bring your vision to life!

Can I use Eliton Products to create my own clothing brand?

Absolutely! We partner with business owners all over the world who use Eliton Products as a base product for their own brands. If you are interested in using our blanks, send us your ideas via the quote tab and we can help bring your vision to life.

Do you provide decoration services for all items available on Eliton Products?

Yes! Eliton Products sources the garment, provides decoration services and ships the finished product to your door. We also have an in-house graphic design team to help bring your vision to life.